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How Marketing Is Like…My Garden?

As I listen to the rain outside my window this morning, I’m excited. Why should I be excited about rain when it’s been such gorgeous weather lately? Because April showers bring May flowers…or in my case a May garden! Every year, usually in January—because, yes, I am that impatient—I end up creating a plan forContinue Reading



I found this article yesterday on marketing your business with no budget: It’s an older article, but I think it’s relevant and interesting. Suggestions in the article included becoming an expert (primarily through social media content), cultivating superusers (in other words, focusing on and encouraging existing fans), ensuring people can find you (i.e, making sureContinue Reading


Five Magic Words

I sometimes feel like I could sum up all of my answers and guidance to friends, family, colleagues, clients, and prospective clients with five magic  words: “It depends on your audience.” Frequently, I get asked by friends or colleagues—fellow business owners—should I advertise at this bus stop or try doing Groupon? Would social media workContinue Reading


Blogging for Success

I went to a Social Media Marketing Club meeting last week that gave me an interesting statistic. According to Hubspot, companies with blogs have 55% more visitors to their websites than companies without. That’s a pretty huge number! Because so much of a company’s SEO (search engine optimization…or what makes your website come to theContinue Reading


Branding Your Personality

My spouse once compared me to a force of nature because when I decide to do something, whether it’s start a new project for a client or plan a family vacation, I move forward at full speed. What can I say? I’m an energetic person who’s not very good at sitting still. When a friendContinue Reading


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