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How Marketing Is Like…My Garden?

As I listen to the rain outside my window this morning, I’m excited. Why should I be excited about rain when it’s been such gorgeous weather lately? Because April showers bring May flowers…or in my case a May garden! Every year, usually in January—because, yes, I am that impatient—I end up creating a plan forContinue Reading


Five Magic Words

I sometimes feel like I could sum up all of my answers and guidance to friends, family, colleagues, clients, and prospective clients with five magic  words: “It depends on your audience.” Frequently, I get asked by friends or colleagues—fellow business owners—should I advertise at this bus stop or try doing Groupon? Would social media workContinue Reading


Branding Your Personality

My spouse once compared me to a force of nature because when I decide to do something, whether it’s start a new project for a client or plan a family vacation, I move forward at full speed. What can I say? I’m an energetic person who’s not very good at sitting still. When a friendContinue Reading


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