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Twitter Translated…

One complaint I hear when I’m teaching business owners about Twitter is that they can’t understand the slang. As people venture out into the great world of Twitter, they learn very quickly that there’s a whole new language to learn. It can be confusing and intimidating to just jump right in, so here’s a quickContinue Reading


For Those Who Struggle to Figure out What to Say on Your Blog, Video, Social Media Posts…

Here’s a great tool to help! The first part of the graphic shows you how to come up with ideas for content. The second part shows an example of what you might do with that content once you have it. There’s no one right way to post or right number of posts to make whenContinue Reading


Social Media Success Stories

One of my clients wrote this great letter about how her company has benefitted from social media. I love client success stories and thought I’d pass them on! Jennifer’s training led to many of our staff using social media on a regular basis. This is a crucial piece of our communications strategy going forward. HerContinue Reading


Six Tips to Social Media Etiquette

I sometimes think that every social media account should come with a quick-and-dirty tutorial on etiquette. What’s considered good manners? What are best practices for how to treat people online? You’d think that this would be common sense. Courtesy is courtesy, no matter where you are, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. So hereContinue Reading


Finding the Fire in Your Small Business Marketing

This week, I was asked why I do what I do. As I was answering, I realized that how I became a small business owner is a great example of why I work with small businesses! For nine years, I worked as a marketer for both small and large companies in the architecture/engineering/construction industry. WhenContinue Reading


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